Young Athlete Care: Pediatric Sports Medicine, Physicals, Athletic Injury Prevention, Management & More in Boerne, TX

Young athletes require different care than grown athletes because they have different bodies. They are smaller, still having growth spurts, and have exposed growth plates. Because of this, they are prone to conditions that adult athletes aren’t, like Sever’s disease, Osgood Schlatter’s disease, little league’s elbow, little league’s shoulder, and more. Our medical practitioners at Sports and Family Medicine in Boerne can provide everything from pediatric sports physicals to sports injury treatment for young athletes.

Pediatric Sports Physicals in Boerne

A basic requirement for any sport is passing a physical examination. This is where a health practitioner examines the body and makes sure there are no glaring issues that should prevent a person from participating and competing. Though a physical is a very basic exam, it is essential to have so that a medical examiner can make sure you aren’t more likely to be hurt due to preexisting conditions. Our Boerne clinic offers pediatric sports physicals for all young athletes.

Young Athlete Injury Prevention in Boerne

We at Sports and Family Medicine in Boerne believe that the easiest way to stay strong is to prevent an injury from happening at all. This is why we encourage a physical examination before participating to encourage injury prevention. During pediatric sports physicals, our practitioners will be able to detect poor health conditions that put a young athlete at a higher risk of being injured. If still cleared to participate, we can recommend certain training exercises or sporting gear that would reduce the likelihood of an incident. This method of athletic injury management keeps young players safe.

Pediatric Sports Medicine in Boerne

Of course, even with the best injury prevention methods, sustaining an injury can be inevitable. Common sports injuries include sprains, strains, joint injuries, muscle injuries, dislocations, fractures, torn tendons and ligaments, and shin splints. Our practitioners can assist with the healing of all these, plus the treatment of developed conditions, like little league’s elbow and shoulder. Our expertise in children’s sports medicine is backed up by our licensing and training.

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