BBL Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Boerne, TX

Hair removal treatment is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in Boerne today, and with new laser and light systems, this treatment has become very effective and comfortable for the patient. BBL Laser Hair Removal is a light based treatment that targets the melanin — the pigment that gives your hair color — in your hair follicles. On average, four to eight treatments are needed to see maximum results. These treatments are performed every four to eight weeks, depending on the area of the body receiving hair removal treatment. Whether you have had laser hair removal treatment before or you’re new to the process, trust Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne to provide world class treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Boerne Citizens

What can you expect from hair removal treatments performed by Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne? Post-treatment, you may be mildly red in the areas treated. This will usually last for a few hours after the treatment, sometimes longer, but is an expected response to the treatment. You will notice the density of your hair will thin out after each hair removal treatment, and it will gradually fall out for some time afterward. After you have completed your series, you will notice a majority, if not all, of your unwanted hair is gone permanently!

Proven Hair Removal Treatments

When Boerne residents need hair removal treatments, they want them to be long lasting. At Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne, we have been providing the area with the best modern aesthetic treatments since 2013. All our technicians are proven and board certified with a passion and dedication to helping clients with their beauty needs. Reach out to our aesthetic medical professionals today for a one on one consultation that will start you on the path to looking and feeling great.

BBL Laser Hair Removal Solutions in Boerne

BBL Laser Hair Removal is on the cutting edge of beauty science, and this treatment has become very effective, comfortable, and affordable. Some of the most common hair removal areas are the underarms, upper lip, chin, toes, and bikini area. Once you’ve had hair removal treatments done by Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne, you can feel confident in nearly any situation. We understand your time is valuable, so we always make it easy to schedule an appointment with our skilled staff.

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