Tendon & Muscle Strain Treatment, Care & Prevention in Boerne, TX

A muscle strain is very similar to a sprain. The main difference is that a strain affects the tendons attached to muscles and bones, not simply joints. Strains can occur with varying degrees of severity, from overstretching to tearing. If the strain isn’t severe, you might be able to heal a muscle strain at home with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (referred to as RICE). However, if the strain is moderate to severe, you may need to make an appointment with Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne.

Diagnosis for Muscle Strain Treatment in Boerne

Muscle strains or tears are diagnosed through a physical exam, in which your provider will apply light pressure to the swelling and pain point. The intensity of your pain will help your provider determine the extent of the damage to your tendons and allow them to personalize a muscle strain treatment plan for your pain. If your tendon has ruptured, your provider will be able to feel that through your skin. Figuring out how bad your injuries are is the first step to coming up with the best muscle tear or strain treatment plan for you.

Injury Prevention is Vital for Boerne Patients

Many contact sports like football, hockey, boxing, wrestling, and soccer can increase your risk of muscle strains. Your legs, ankles, hands, and elbows are most vulnerable to possible strains, so it’s important to do adequate stretching and exercise before your game or match begins to improve injury prevention. You should also make sure you are healthy enough to be participating in sports like these. If you are not, you and your Boerne area provider can evaluate what changes you might need to make to ensure you’re at an optimal level of health for the activities you love.

Muscle Tear and Tendon Strain Treatment in Boerne

When you’re working to heal a muscle strain, it’s important to rest and take the pressure off the part of your body that has been injured. Icing the area, applying compression to reduce swelling, and elevating the area are all proven strategies for treating a mild strain. Once the worst is over, it’s important to strengthen the muscles again, so doing some light exercises or other physical therapies might be recommended by your provider. In more extreme cases, your provider may determine the best muscle tear treatment be surgery.

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