Fracture Treatment & Care: X-Ray Services, Splinting, Casting & More in Boerne, TX

Breaking bones is no fun, but it happens to the best of us. And when it does, the doctors at Sports and Family Medicine in Boerne can provide all the fracture and injury treatment services you need, from the x-ray to the cast, all the way to recovery. If a surgical referral is necessary, we will provide one and walk you through how that works. Most broken bones are easily treatable in our clinic, but shattered or exposed bones require additional attention.

Fracture Care and Treatment in Boerne

When your child sustains a fracture or a break, they experience great pain. It can be difficult for them not to be able to use their bone the way they could before the break, and we understand their frustration with the inconvenience. We work quickly to reduce the pain, get a clear picture of the fracture, and then splint the area and put a cast on it (if applicable). A couple of months in a cast might seem like forever to them, but they’ll be able to use it like new once it heals properly.

X-Ray Services in Boerne

Sometimes, sprains and strains can hurt worse than fractures, so intense pain and reduced movement in a bone does not specifically indicate that the bone has been broken. In all cases, though, we will take an x-ray to fully assess the damage. Having an x-ray provides a clear picture of the bone and how it’s been fractured or broken. From there, we will know how to splint it and put the cast on to ensure proper healing.

Splinting and Casting Services in Boerne

Part of fracture treatment and care involves splinting and casting the affected bone. The type of cast depends on the severity and location of the break. This part of the process can be painful, so for injury treatment and pain management, we may offer a pain reliever in the form of an injection. Pain prevents healing, and part of fracture care is making sure the pain is controlled and the bone is set in the right position to heal.

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