Concussion Treatment & Care: Concussion Diagnosis & Neurological Examination Services in Boerne, TX

You often hear about the lasting damage that can be caused by concussions. Professional athletes carry the long term damages for the remainder of their lives, and concussions can sometimes cut their careers short. However, concussions aren’t just an injury for athletes. Anyone who injures their head is at a serious risk of a concussion. It’s very important that you seek consultation from healthcare providers before, during, and after diagnosis. At Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne, we strive to make sure you are well cared for throughout your entire healing process.

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The most important aspect of concussion treatment is rest. That doesn’t just mean your body, but your mind as well. You’ll need to stay off the computer and keep the TV turned off while you’re recovering. As you start to feel better and your symptoms have improved, you might be able to start slowly resuming your regular activities once more, provided you take breaks when you need them. Students may need to cut their school days short during their recovery period, so they don’t run the risk of overtaxing themselves.

A Trusted Concussion Diagnosis in Boerne

For a complete concussion diagnosis, your provider will perform several tests and make observations of your symptoms and other signs that you’ve experienced since the initial trauma to your head. Often, concussion symptoms don’t appear immediately after your injury. You might not notice something is wrong for several hours, or even for a few days! Your Boerne area provider will also consider if you experience concussions regularly because of the activities you participate in or the work you do.

Boerne Chooses Us for Neurological Examinations

Neurological examinations, cognitive testing, imaging tests, and observation are the most common forms of concussion testing. Your provider will test things like your reflexes, vision, balance, concentration, and more in evaluating your cognition and neurological aptitudes. They may also have you undergo a CT scan or MRI so that they can see a more complete picture of your brain and skull. Other times, you may have to be observed at home or in a hospital for 24 hours to monitor your health and make sure you are still safe.

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