Sports Physical: Athletic Physical Exams in Boerne, TX

We at Sports and Family Medicine provide physical examinations for athletes of all ages who need it. Sports physicals are generally required before you’re allowed to compete at a school or league level, but it’s wise to consider an athletic physical before participating and competing with an intramural group, as well. If you’re at higher risk for injury, it is best to know before you participate so that you can care for yourself accordingly and reduce the likelihood of developing a disease or injury.

Sports Physical Exam in Boerne

An athletic physical examination is a chance for the athlete and doctor to have a conversation about the health of the athlete and for the doctor to conduct tests to evaluate the overall health of the athlete. The doctor may ask questions regarding mental health and familial history of heart conditions and high blood pressure. All this information is considered by the mental health professional, who then makes the final call on whether or not the athlete is mentally and physically able to participate.

Special Sports Physical in Boerne

Sports physical exams for female athletes and those with disabilities require additional attention. With female athletes, doctors need to address menstrual health, bone health, and nutrition because female athletes have a higher risk of sustaining bone and joint injuries, including tearing their ACLs. Disabled athletes who may have limited vision or hearing capabilities, or limited limb use, may need to discuss the scope of what is safe for them to do during their athletic physicals. In all cases, the point of a sports physical is to prevent future injury.

Athletic Injury Prevention in Boerne

A sports physical exam is especially important for those who have had major injuries in the past, especially head injuries such as concussions. It is highly important that athletes who have sustained injuries in the past check in with a physician before they put themselves in a competitive environment again. The ultimate goal of our practitioners is to prevent injury, and in the case that you are not cleared to participate, it is for your protection. Most of the time, however, we do what we can to make you physically able to compete again the way you want to.

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