Allergy Blood Testing: RAST Testing Procedures in Boerne, TX

Allergy testing from Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne can determine your immune system's response to particular foods by measuring the allergy related antibody known as immunoglobulin E (IgE). For this test, a blood sample is taken at our office, where it is then sent to a medical laboratory, where different allergens can be tested and identified. Once we have a clear picture of what’s affecting you, we develop a mitigation plan to help you better manage and deal with allergy symptoms.

Allergy Blood Testing in Boerne

Allergy testing is helpful because they involve a single needle prick, and other medications will not interfere with the results. With a sample of your blood, we send the results to a specialized lab where they analyze the sample to identify any potential allergens. As Boerne’s locally owned allergy blood test experts, we are confident we can help diagnose and manage your allergies with accurate blood test results. After blood testing for allergies, we are able to build a roadmap to reduce symptoms and exposure for your continued health and wellbeing.

Boerne’s RAST Test Experts

A RAST, or radioallergosorbent test, is a way of testing a person’s blood to see if they have any specific allergies. This test checks the blood for specific IgE antibodies in order to find out what substances you are allergic too. If a person's blood contains IgE antibodies that are specific to a certain substance, it means they are allergic to it. These antibodies cause the rashes, itching, sneezing, and other symptoms that a person experiences when they come into contact with an allergen. Schedule a RAST test with our expert allergists today!

Our Allergy Testing Procedure

Our allergy testing procedure involves a nurse administering the test, with a certified allergist interpreting the results. Typically, this test takes about 20 to 40 minutes. Some tests detect immediate allergic reactions, which develop within minutes of exposure to an allergen. Other tests detect delayed allergic reactions, which can take a period of several days to develop. When you want a tried and true allergy testing procedure to help identify, manage, and mitigate allergy symptoms, stop by our Boerne office today!

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