Allergist Services: Allergy Testing, Immunotherapy & Food Allergy Diagnosing in Boerne, TX

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), an allergist doctor or immunologist is a physician specially trained to diagnose, treat, and manage allergies, asthma, and immunologic disorders. These conditions can range from common to very rare, spanning all ages and encompassing various organ systems. With access to state of the art allergy testing equipment, we can help diagnose and help you manage allergies, regardless of severity or onset. When you’re ready for comprehensive and compassionate allergy treatment and food sensitivity test options, reach out to Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne.

Allergy Testing for Seasonal and Food Allergies in Boerne

We proudly offer full allergy testing for seasonal and food allergies at our office in Boerne. We consider your personal and medical history, conduct physical exams, and provide thorough tests to determine which allergens affect you. As a certified allergist, our doctors have years of experience diagnosing, managing, and providing allergy treatments of all kinds. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors when you’re ready to begin managing your inconvenient allergies.

Food Allergy Testing and Treatment Options in Boerne

A food allergy occurs when your body’s immune system sees a particular food as harmful and reacts, causing allergic symptoms. There are different types of allergic reactions to food, including immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated and non-IgE mediated. When you think you have a food allergy, schedule an appointment for a food sensitivity test at our office in Boerne. Our doctors will develop a personalized treatment option, such as allergy shots, to help you manage and mitigate allergic reactions. The first step to managing allergies is comprehensive food allergy testing by a professional allergist.

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Boerne’s Allergy Skin Testing Experts

One of the major pros of skin testing for allergies is that skin tests give fast results, and they usually cost less than allergy blood testing. However, some medicines can interfere with the tests, and accurate results are highly dependent on the skill of the tester. Luckily for Boerne, we have highly trained and experienced doctors with years of practice administering skin tests to patients of all ages. When you want fast, accurate skin testing for allergies, schedule an appointment with Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne.

Local Allergy Blood Testing Service in Boerne

Blood tests are helpful because they involve a single needle prick, and other medications will affect the results. We send a sample of your blood to a specialized lab where they analyze the blood sample to identify any potential allergens. As Boerne’s locally owned allergy blood test experts, we are confident we can help diagnose and manage your allergies with accurate blood test results. After blood testing for allergies, we can build a roadmap for mitigating symptoms and exposure for your continued health and wellbeing.

Boerne’s Allergy Consultation and Treatment Options

Allergy consultation could be an initial or a follow up appointment with one of our certified allergist doctors. We recommend allergy consultation for patients who are suffering from allergy related symptoms and those who require preventive allergy treatment. We build customized intervention plans to eliminate or reduce the severity or frequency of allergies through treatments like allergy shots. If you are prone to anaphylactic shock, or your allergy directly affects your way of life, schedule a consultation and start your journey to treatment with Boerne’s trusted allergists and immunologists.

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