Pulled Muscle Treatment, Care & Recovery Services in Boerne, TX

If you’ve pulled a muscle, and the pain hasn’t abated after two days of at-home pulled muscle treatment, it might be time to call Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne so we can look at the issue ourselves. For the most part, you can treat a pulled muscle yourself, but sometimes the damage is significant enough that it requires making an appointment with one of our providers. If you think you’ve pulled a muscle and it requires professional attention, reach out to our office in Boerne.

Diagnosing for Pulled Muscle Recovery in Boerne

When assessing the extent of the damage to your muscle at your appointment, your Boerne area provider will perform a physical exam. This might cause pain or discomfort as it involves applying some pressure to the injured area in order for your provider to get a measure of the swelling and how much muscle has been pulled. Your provider will also be able to determine if they think the muscle tore completely, and isn’t just pulled.

How to Prevent Pulled Muscles in Boerne

While you can pull a muscle from any number of innocuous activities that are beyond your control — for instance, you can’t control if your foot is going to catch on sidewalk pavement, or if the box you picked up was way heavier than you originally predicted. But, in general, if you spend some time stretching and performing some light exercises in preparation for physical activities, you can typically reduce your risk of a pulled muscle.

Pulled Muscle Treatment and Care in Boerne

When you’ve pulled a muscle, if it’s a mild case, you will be able to care for and help heal it on your own by applying the RICE method: rest, ice packs, compression, and elevation. If you’re very uncomfortable, you can also take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help relieve some of the pain you’re experiencing. For the first 48 hours after your injury, it’s important to use the affected body part as little as possible. That means if you’ve sprained your ankle, make sure you can stay off it while it’s still swollen.

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