Food Allergy Testing & Treatment: Alcat Testing, Allergy Treatment & More in Boerne, TX

There are several options for food allergy testing and treatment. Our allergists often use a combination of methods to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Allergy symptoms start shortly after ingesting food that your body reacts negatively to, or in some cases, delayed for a few hours. Because of the risk of anaphylactic shock, it’s critical to test for which allergens affect you the most. When you have a clear idea of what your body doesn’t like, it’s easy to determine consistent and affordable allergy treatment options. When you’re ready to take your life back from the misery of food allergies, reach out to our specialized team of allergists in Boerne.

Food Allergy Testing and Procedure in Boerne

At Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne, we proudly offer our clients two different methods of food allergy testing. One is skin testing. This is the most common and quickest food allergy test because we can test you for several foods at once. Additionally, there are blood tests, where we take a sample of your blood and expose it to different allergens. This test is usually sent to a lab, and results could take a week or more. Once your allergens have been identified, we build a customized plan to mitigate exposure to foods that negatively affect your health.

Boerne’s Trusted Alcat Testing Experts

An Alcat test is a tool used by allergists to determine which foods and other substances may trigger unwanted inflammation, and other related allergic symptoms. The difference between the Alcat test and typical antibody testing is that food and chemical sensitivities are mediated by multiple pathogenic mechanisms. By using the Alcat test’s cellular approach, we can identify food and chemical sensitivities regardless of the pathway. This leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment options for our Boerne patients.

Food Allergy Treatments in Boerne

For mild reactions to food allergies, an antihistamine will help reduce allergy symptoms entirely. However, severe food allergy needs epinephrine or a trip to the emergency room. The only sure fire way to prevent a severe reaction, not a food allergy, is by testing yourself for specific food allergies and talking with one of our allergists about available food allergy treatments should you have a reaction. We work with our patients to individualize a food allergy treatment plan so you and others will know what to do in case of an emergency.

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