Allergy Immunotherapy: Seasonal Allergy Treatment in Boerne, TX

Immunotherapy is a preventive allergy treatment for a wide range of allergens such as grass pollens, dust mites, or bee venom. Immunotherapy involves gradually increasing doses of the allergen, which causes the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance, in turn reducing allergy symptoms in the future. These treatments generally come either in sublingual drops or allergy shots. Immunotherapy is a great allergy treatment option for people whose allergy symptoms directly impact their quality of life. Call Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne today.

Boerne’s Allergy Immunotherapy

There are two distinct forms of allergy immunotherapy — allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy. Because allergy immunotherapy works by optimizing your immune system, after a few years of successful treatment, some people won’t see significant allergy problems return even after allergy shots are stopped. Other people need ongoing shots to keep symptoms under control. When you need affordable, reliable, and effective allergy immunotherapy, schedule an appointment with one of our certified allergists.

Seasonal Allergy Treatments in Boerne

The changing of the seasons often comes with a share of pollen and other allergens being released. For many people in Boerne, avoiding allergens or over the counter medications are enough to ease symptoms, but this isn’t an option for everyone. If your seasonal allergies are still bothersome after basic seasonal allergy treatment, don't give up, Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne is here to help. Our allergists may recommend skin or blood tests to identify allergens and triggers. This will help us build you a customized seasonal allergy treatment focused on delivering symptom relief.

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How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms in Boerne

There are many ways to help reduce allergy symptoms without having to prick your skin or take over the counter medications. For starters, keep a close eye on local weather to get a picture of the pollen forecasts, which will help you plan activities or treatment options. Additionally, ensuring air filters in your car and home are new is a simple way to avoid undue pollen exposure. Finally, frequent nasal and sinus rinses keep your sinus clean and often relieves nasal congestion. However, if these treatments don’t work, it might be best to have an allergist run skin or blood tests to identify and manage your allergy symptoms accurately.

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