Daily Sublingual Allergy Drops: Sublingual Immunotherapy & Allergy Treatment in Boerne, TX

Sublingual allergy immunotherapy (SLIT) means “under the tongue” and involves tablets or liquid drops that are dissolved in the mouth. Unlike antihistamines and other medications that only alleviate symptoms, sublingual immunotherapy treats the condition itself. When your body is exposed to a large amount of a triggering allergen, your immune system kicks in, trying to get rid of it. However, controlled, repeated exposure to an allergen helps your immune system build up resistance, eventually tolerating the allergen. Call or schedule an appointment for allergy treatment at Sports and Family Medicine in Boerne today!

Allergy Drops in Boerne

One of our certified allergists will evaluate your symptoms and provide you with the right treatment options based on your lifestyle and allergy triggers.  Allergy drops are an alternative way to treat allergies without injections. Currently, the only forms of drops approved by the FDA are tablets for ragweed and northern pasture grasses like timothy and dust mites. Sublingual allergy drops reduce your allergy symptoms by boosting natural tolerance to the substance your allergic to and reduce symptoms.

Sublingual Immunotherapy for Boerne Residents

When you come into our Boerne office for sublingual immunotherapy, we tart by testing and evaluation, providing comprehensive testing to identify any allergen or allergen triggers. After your test, you’ll meet with one of our immunology experts to discuss your treatment options. Then, we customize your sublingual immunotherapy drops based on your specific allergies for optimized relief. The best part is, you can do your allergy treatments at home — typically two doses in the morning and one dose at night. When you run out, our office will send you the next bottle in your treatment program.

How Sublingual Drops Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Sublingual drop treatment works by delivering a slowly increasing dose of antigens that, over time, builds the body’s tolerance to specific allergens. Sublingual drops affect specialized cells in the immune system. Research shows these cells are a friendly and effective solution for long term desensitization, making allergy drops an ideal option for patients who can’t receive allergy shots due to time constraints or other medical conditions. Call Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne today to learn more.

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