Sports & Family Medicine: Primary Care Physician, Allergy & Aesthetic Treatments, Hormone Therapy & More in Boerne, TX

Long term health begins with proactive medicine, precise diagnoses, and a friendly environment offering treatment for your entire family, at all stages of their development. Along with primary care for all ages, Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne has board certified sports medicine professionals to provide care for any nonsurgical musculoskeletal issue, including on-site x-ray, casting, and ultrasound guided injections. Additionally, we provide comprehensive allergy testing and various treatment options for those suffering from hill country allergies — and even have a wide variety of aesthetic medicine services. Call or stop by our family medicine office in Boerne to schedule an appointment today!

Boerne’s Trusted Family Medicine Practice

As a trusted family medicine practice in Boerne since 2013, we provided compassionate primary care for families of all ages and sizes. Our primary care family physicians see patients from newborn to geriatric, and we are always looking for new patients to look after! We offer a comprehensive range of primary care services, and our family physicians can treat, diagnose, prescribe, and refer to you’re a specialist if needed. Our model of transparency and proactive medicine has made us Boerne’s trusted family medicine practice. Call today and experience the difference yourself!

Core Services

Allergy Testing Services & Diagnosis in Boerne

Texas ranks in the top five hardest states to live in for allergy sufferers. Often dismissed as “just allergies,” this chronic condition often leads to other respiratory burden or other long term health issues. Luckily, our family physicians have plenty of experience with allergy diagnosis and treatment options, opting for treatments that contribute to your long term health. When you need allergy testing services or allergy diagnosis, reach out to our trusted family physicians in Boerne today!

An Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Clinic for Boerne

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is becoming more common, affecting an estimated 10 million to 20 million men in the U.S. We now know the causes of ED are more complicated than just psychological factors alone; many of the causes of ED require treatment. As Boerne’s trusted primary care provider, we offer discreet, compassionate erectile dysfunction treatments for any patient in the area. We understand the physical and mental toll ED can have, which is why we proudly provide a wide range of erectile dysfunction treatment options.

Sports Medicine Physician in Boerne

As your local sports medicine physician, we offer full sports medicine treatment for every sport, with a wide range of sports medicine treatments for nonsurgical musculoskeletal issues. Whether it’s a case of tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, or Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or need for other treatment, we are Boerne’s trusted sports medicine physician. It’s often hard to find sports medicine professionals with specialized knowledge of sports related injuries, which is why we are proud to be Boerne’s comprehensive sports medicine physician.

Boerne’s Hormone Therapy Experts

Balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention for any woman or man as they age. We utilize Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy® Medical’s method of pellet therapy to optimize hormone levels with a simple insertion just under the skin of the upper buttock. This hormone therapy provides bioidentical estrogen and testosterone, which is absorbed consistently into the body as needed. A thorough evaluation of your labs and symptoms will help guide your personalized hormone therapy. If you’ve experienced chronic fatigue, memory loss, mental fog, confusion, or joint pain, you might be a good candidate for hormone therapy.

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Medicine Based Aesthetic Treatments in Boerne

Part of our mission as a family medicine provider is helping our patients achieve their beauty, health, and wellness goals. Our aesthetic treatments include Botox, chemical peels, dermal filler treatments, BBL™ Broadband Light and hair removal, Halo™ Factional Laser, and Forever Young BBL™ light based therapy, and hand rejuvenation services. With a comprehensive suite of aesthetic treatments, we’ve been helping patients all over Boerne achieve their beauty, health, and wellness goals.

Start Your Journey to Total Health in Boerne Today!

Come into Sports and Family Medicine of Boerne for a warm and friendly practice where you can find help with almost any medical need. We provide primary care for people of all ages and also have board certified provides of sports and aesthetic medicine, as well as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. From birth on up, we’ve helped families, achieve health and stay healthy for years! Schedule an appointment or stop by our office today and experience the compassionate service that has made us a staple in the community.